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Grab-bag collections
We'll take any one-tonne bulk bag - you don't have to use our bags

Inert waste | Green waste
£35 per bag including VAT

The two waste types
must be kept separate.

Surcharge of £10 including VAT
is applied to collections of less
than three bags

Benefits of using a grab-bag
No time limit - if the bag deteriorates, we'll just grab it up
Use any one-tonne bulk bag, either new or second-hand
Buy from eBay, Amazon, Hippo, builders merchants

Bag size is 900 x 900 x 900 mm
(1 cubic metre)
Weight limit 1 tonne

Postal address: 119 Poole Lane, Bournemouth  BH11 9DZ
Registered in England No. 7092131
Registered address: 24 Cecil Avenue, Bournemouth BH8 9EJ
Registered waste carrier No. CBDU215446
VAT number: 684 7114  16
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